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Beautiful sport at the heart of its vision and its action each day



Le Haras d’Authuit is born out of a meeting of two passionate people, Alain Salzman and Axel Van Colen, wanting to create a unique place, capable of offering to both, people and horses, the conditions of an ideal encounter

From the stud farm to high level competition, nothing has been overlooked to make d’Authuit an indisputable basis where the level of expertise and professionnalism merge into the favor of spectacular performances.

The quality of each member of the team, their precision and their dedication, the strength of the initiated partnerships, the quality of the installations and equipments put each horse in the center of a personalised process, able to realise their full potential.

Authuit has been designed, built and is based exclusively on our goal to improve the respect of the horse and his confort, the quality of individual and collective experiences, but also to continuous quest for performance.

Authuit is focused to put ‘beautiful sport’ at the heart of its vision and its action each day.


A powerful dream, performing sport at the highest level with a constant focus on execution.

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